Meet Our Team


Alicia grew up in the hospitality industry under the wing of a strong single mother. Her mom, owner of a floral business, taught Alicia the importance of work ethic, commitment, and determination. 
As an adult, Alicia started off working with her mom, eventually expanding from floral to event design and production. Along the way, she’s touched on just about every aspect of the hospitality industry from restaurants and bars to rentals. Her insider knowledge of so many industries allows Alicia to bring a truly comprehensive approach to event production and design. Today, Alicia K Designs maintains the same values Alicia’s mom instilled in her as a young girl: we work tirelessly to give you a rich, beautiful experience, and we have a ton of fun along the way. 

Founder, Event Production & Design 

“During one of my very first full service weddings, I had a moment of pausing to take it all in. I looked around the room and saw guests having a blast on the dance floor, the glow of candles in the evening light, and the beautiful decor that surrounded it all. I thought to myself, “Wow. I created this environment.” Knowing the happy memories I was facilitating filled my soul and I knew then this was my calling.”

Alicia’s Favorite Past Event

A glass of ice cold rosé or a chilled shot of blanca tequila 

Alicia’s Favorite Cocktail 


Jamie’s endless optimism and thirst for a challenge make her amazing in event production and coordination. She’s always making sure the team and vendors have what they need to succeed, and is famous for coming through at the last minute. Plus, she’s a purveyor of amazing hugs and always keeps the team well fed. 

Production & Coordination 

“The Silver Bat Mitzvah. The bat mitzvah girl loved fairies and wanted a sense of magic, so we found a way to incorporate that in a tasteful, whimsical way. Guests experienced 4 seasons over the course of one evening as lighting, food, and entertainment shifted from spring to summer to fall to winter.”

Jamie’s Favorite Past Event

Mule (of either the vodka or tequila variety)

Jamie’s Favorite Cocktail


As the owner of EYC Rentals and Alicia’s husband, Errin is a partner both in work and at home. He’s been with AK Designs from the beginning, helping to set up and break down events, taking initiative when needed, and filling in wherever there’s a gap. No matter what Alicia needs, Errin is right there by her side. AK Designs wouldn’t be AK Designs without him.


Our vow renewal. It was a beautiful culmination of skills, teamwork, and heartfelt planning. I actually got to experience the event as a guest and saw a new appreciation for the hard work of the AK team.”

Errin’s Favorite Past Event

Makers Manhattan on the rocks

Errin's Favorite Cocktail


Hazel began her journey with Alicia K Designs as an intern in college and has worked her way up to producing and coordinating right alongside Alicia. She knows how to read a room and make people feel at ease right away, she never complains, and she always gets the job done. Watching her grow into the capable team member she is has been one of the best parts of Alicia’s career.

Producer, Coordinator

Start the party with a Dirty Gin Martini, but end with a Manhattan

Hazel’s Favorite Cocktail

Aly and Will’s wedding at Annadel. The couple and family were such a joy to work who trusted our team and their wedding was absolutely stunning. I loved their lush, romantic design with a wooden draped tent with gorgeous velvet ribbon details. They also served a frosé (frozen rose cocktail) which was one of my favorite elements that paired perfectly during a warm sonoma summer day.

Hazel’s Favorite past event


Robin makes the day of any event absolutely seamless. In addition to getting things done efficiently and beautifully, she’s kind and easy to work with and always communicates her appreciation for others. After each event she works on with Alicia K Designs, she writes to thank the team for including her. Really it’s us who should be thanking her!

Event Day Management

“The Warriors’ 2019 holiday event. With less than two months to plan and 3 days to install, we coordinated spectacular décor including erecting a 100 foot tree, the largest in California!”

Robin’s Favorite Past Event

Ginger ale and Makers with a twist of orange

Robin’s Favorite Cocktail


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